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TOW The Big Surprises (Part 1)

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Post TOW The Big Surprises (Part 1)
Sat Feb 08, 2003 10:19 pm
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The One With The Big Surprises (1)

[Scene: Shady Pines Retirement Home. Joey and Phoebe are taking Phoebe’s friend there.]
Phoebe: Thank you for coming with me, Joey.
Joey: Anything for you, Phoebe.
Phoebe: I love it when you say that!!
Joey: Anything for you, Phoebe.
Phoebe: Okay, now it’s just getting old.
(Joey shrugs)
Joey: So anyways… how long have you known this lady?
Phoebe: My whole life.
Joey: But she is just an ordinary friend, right? Nothing special?
Phoebe: She is not just an ordinary friend!
Joey: Then what is she? (Joey gasps) Your mom is back from the dead?!
Phoebe: No!! It’s Sophia!! And it just… hurts me to see her deteriorating like this!
Joey: Need a hug?
Phoebe: From you? (excited voice) Oh yeah!
(Joey and Phoebe hug)
Phoebe: I love it when you do that also!

[Scene: Ross’s Apartment. Rachel and Monica are talking to Ross.]
Monica: So you are telling me, that you won one million dollars?
Rachel: That is right, Monica. I just lost the ticket.
Ross: Where did you put it last?
Monica: You know, for a “doctor”, you aren’t so bright!
Ross: First, I AM a doctor, and second… I AM A DOCTOR!!!
Rachel: Just look for the ticket, it needs to be turned in by tonight at ten.
Monica: Have you looked in my apartment yet?
Rachel: Of course not, I didn’t want to interrupt Chandler.
Monica: Interrupt him? Why, what was he doing?
Ross: Uhh… well… he was looking for your ticket! Of course! He was looking for your ticket!
Rachel: The only people that know about this ticket are me, you, and Monica.
Ross: Well… well… maybe I telepathically told him about it.
Rachel: Oh, okay! That’s cool!
Monica: Now look who’s the bright one…
Rachel: Were you talking to me?
Monica: Of course not, honey! (sarcastically) You’re the smart one!
Rachel: Okay, okay. I may not be a genius or anything, but I think I’m smart!
Ross: Ha! Ha! Ha Ha Ha!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!
Rachel: Why don’t you guys believe me? I mean, I have a big head… it has to be filled with a brain!
Ross: Except for the pockets of dead space, yeah.
Rachel: Okay, oh smart one, let’s have a quiz off!
Ross: You’re on! Tonight, 8 o’clock, Monica’s apartment. Be there or be square.
Monica: Ross, no one says that anymore…
Rachel: Huh? People actually said that?
Ross: And I will see you both later… goodbye!
(Ross walks out of the apartment)
Rachel: But… but… my ticket!
Monica: And what about the fact that THIS IS HIS APARTMENT?!

[Scene: Shady Pines. Phoebe is saying goodbye to Sophia.]
Phoebe: Okay, Sophia… are you going to be okay?
Sophia: Are you kidding me? I’m gonna be just fine.
Phoebe: I hope so… because I’m worried about you.
Sophia: You have nothing to be worried about!! I’m fine!!
Phoebe: And I just wanted to… thank you…
Sophia: Thank me for what? For being an old bum?
Phoebe: No, no more jokes… this is serious. You’ve always been there. I don’t know where I would be without you.
Sophia: (sarcastically) I know where… the streets!
Phoebe: You still have that sense of humor…
Sophia: And you’ve still got everything… what are you doing here with me, go out and be with your boyfriend!
Phoebe: He’s not my boyfriend.
Sophia: Really? From what I’ve seen, you two look like you are married!
(Phoebe smiles and spaces off)

[Scene: The hallway between Monica and Joey’s apartments. Monica and Rachel are going to Monica’s apartment.]
Rachel: Monica, wait!!
Monica: What?
Rachel: I need to knock the door.
Monica: Why would you need to do that? It’s MY apartment. What is it with people and getting confused about whose apartment is whose? First Ross, now you!
Rachel: Well, I have to make sure Chandler is ready.
(Rachel knocks the door three times)
Monica: Ready for what?
(Rachel guides Monica into her apartment, and everyone inside shouts “Surprise!”)
Monica: What the hell is this?!
Chandler: Well hi there honey, you seem to be in SUCH a great mood!
Monica: Seriously though… what is this?
Chandler: Your thirty-third and a half birthday party!
Monica: You guys were serious?
Ross: Or we just needed a decent reason to have a party…
Monica: Where are Phoebe and Joey?
Chandler: They’ll be here soon, they are at the retirement home.
Monica: Doing what?
Rachel: Phoebe’s old friend is going to be living there now.
Monica: Aww… that’s so sad….. LET’S PARTY!!!
Ross: And let’s have the quiz off!
(Joey and Phoebe walk into the apartment holding hands)
Phoebe: Hey everyone!
Chandler: Hi… and you are both holding hands because why?
Joey: Oh, I guess we forgot to tell you.
Chandler: Forgot to tell us what?
Phoebe: Joey and I are dating now!
Monica: Whoa… now that’s a surprise…
(Monica falls over)



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Fri May 28, 2004 5:24 pm
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haha yeah that was good do more do more!
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